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April 16, 2012

Rosen, Romney & a Little Perspective

Anyone who pays attention to American politics has by now heard of the comment made by Hilary Rosen about Ann Romney never working a day in her life. Of course this erupted into a controversy given Rosen’s status as a Democratic pundit and strategist. Judging from the reactions, especially from the Right who are downright giddy over the whole thing, there is a need for some contextual perspective and maybe even a few facts.  

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April 16, 2012

The Daily Scoop Xtra: Romney to cut Depts of Ed & Housing

While Mitt Romney and his wife Ann revel in the “gift” that was Hilary Rosen’s comment about stay-at-home moms and the presidential candidate’s attempts turn the “war on women” around on the Democrats by asserting more women lost jobs under Obama, he fails to comprehend the impacts of those government cuts on the very voting block he’s attempting to attract. Cuts in the Departments of Education and Housing & Urban Development will result in additional job losses for women who have already suffered from previous cuts in education, primarily teaching, and civil services. Additionally, Mr. Romney does not appear to consider what further cuts in Department of Education budgets will do to the growing problem of student loan debt. Significant cuts in department funding will reduce grant and loan funds available to students amidst rising tuition rates, requiring them to borrow more from private lenders with higher interest rates.  

April 16, 2012

The Daily Scoop: For Most, Choice of Stay-at-Home Mom Is No Luxury

By Susan Saulny

The layoff notice was not a complete surprise. At the shipping center in Denver where Jeanine Maez filled mail orders, the trend had been toward paperless transactions.

But how Mrs. Maez reacted to being unemployed in 2004 was a revelation, even to herself: she decided not to look for a new job in favor of staying home full time with her five children, the youngest of whom, a son, is 11.

“The years of ‘winging it’ with my husband in terms of taking care of the kids had been too hard, and I was tired,” she said. “And my youngest son, who is autistic, needed his mama.”

To make ends meet, Mrs. Maez, 44, sold her car, paid off her credit card debt and disciplined herself to spend more modestly on clothes and household goods. Her husband, a private investigator, took a second job selling insurance. “Whatever it takes to make a buck,” she said. “My sweet honey struggles a lot to make it work for us.”


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